I’m so excited to have distilled what it is I want to offer to the world, and I’m calling it being a Creative Companion.


This new offering is for creators of all skill levels. It’s a one-on-one session (or series of sessions) that packs the tool kit for the conscious creator. A conscious creator means someone who is aware of the power they have to create whatever they want! That’s some really powerful stuff!

We’ll play games to elevate together. We’ll make art together, either with strong prompts and games from me, or your own inspiration. The idea is to get you familiar with what it feels like to have your creative portal wide open. And as we transition out of the flow-state of art making, I’ll help you identify the skills you were using, and we’ll discuss how they translate into different areas of your life! Whee! It’s so frickin exciting!

The skills you’ll develop:

-how to elevate into the inspired range of art making

-how to transition out of flow-state in a way that feels smooth

-what to do with unresolved, distracting thoughts

-a way to relax into confidence in your ability to create

And beyond this tool kit, there are some mega benefits of doing this work:

-You’ll get familiar with flow state, a way of being that releases all the happy chemicals in your brain, takes you fully into the present moment, and feels so great

-You’ll open your creative portal, which will allows insight, inspiration, and clarity about all areas of life to flow in

-You’ll learn what your unique flavor of intuition and internal guidance feels like, which also translates into all areas of life!


I am often told that my super powers involve being present, open, and accepting of all people. I easily see the best in people, and help to hold them to it.
A session, or a series, is an investment in your relationship with your self, as it will re-familiarize you with your own beautiful urges, intuition, inspiration, and clarity. The tools you’ll learn with me will stay with you for life, and be applicable in any and every setting, through difficult situations and breezy ones.

Sessions take place at my art studio in my home in Scarborough. A session is $50, or a series of four weekly sessions is discounted to $150. I’m open to alternative economies, so if you have something you’d like to trade or offer in exchange, let’s discuss it.

I look forward to hearing from you, and playing with you in the waterfall of your creativity!


If you’re interested in setting up a session for yourself, or gifting one to someone else, please write to me at goodmorningmapmaker {@ } gmail { dot} com.

Thanks! I hope you have a marvelous, dreams-coming-true kind of day!