relaxing into it

Today I got word I needed to find a new place to live by tomorrow. I had known it was coming but didn’t know how quickly I’d need to move.

I kept steering, hard, into the magic. Instead of making a desperate housing ad, I wrote a celebration of ten things I was loving in that moment. Instead of going to see a commune (when I thot of it I felt soo tired), I went and played by the river with Ruby and got clearer and clearer. I took a long luscious shower and decided to go use Internet at a local community center to apply for a job I’ve been excited about.

At the center, a woman walked in who I’ve met before. I visited her home yesterday to consider a wwoof position, (which as of last night, they thot wasn’t a good fit, which really surprised me because I felt so home there). In the course of our talking, she decided, smiling, to invite me into her home.

As my new host continued talking, I looked down and there was a little honey-colored ant with wings, doing a funny dance on my knee. Like it was cleaning itself. It was really into it. Then, something shot off. Another and another, the ant’s wings landed on my knee. Then it walked off, it’s message complete.

This season has been all about flying, traveling, wings and willingness. But now, the wings have been shed. I’m so excited to see what this next season of my unique life will hold. I’m guessing dirt, and roots, and this luscious land.13346809_10208527719488903_1829928393739923637_n


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