just gotta celebrate

good morning. oh the way the brightness clings to the mountain’s snow,  clinging while leaping, an ever-dance zinging between my eyes and the countless crystals.

I love my self. I love that I have a self-love book. I hope that everyone has a self-love book, and that they can read it when they are not feeling so good, and remember how perfect and amazing and unique and powerful they are.

I love my heart. I love that the book I read this morning gave me an image of the body as a prism for the light of love to pass through, diffracted into rainbows. I loved re-tuning in to the rainbow when presented with moments that felt kind of difficult. I am so much love. It’s all I am, this rainbow fractal.

I love the clouds here. Wisps and waves, fractals that look like neurons, angels diving…clouds like I’ve never seen before. What a treat! To continually be re-delighted by the beauty around me. I love how nature has endless tricks up her sleeve to leave me in awe and wonder and delight.

I love the willing players around me. Mmmm. I love that Leaf is such a willing player, and he grows my heart daily. Wow. I love how stunningly perfect Ruby is. The simple perfection of her calls out the very best of me. It’s like….it’s like nothing else. It’s like…mmmmm. She inspires me.

I love that I asked for the perfect work to be right and ready for me during this internet session, and there’s nothing up from the Play Nexus that I can easily find, so the perfect work is here, is me, is this writing, this celebration. This joy.

I love letting myself talk about something, even if it doesn’t feel totally good, because I don’t want to keep pretending to suppress the thought and getting more and more tangled up about it. I love letting it be easy. I love that I know I could also try to clear it energetically, and to keep practicing, and doing some energy work  helped me set the tone for the conversation a bit more nicely than how I was originally feeling. It’s all a learning experience!

I love my big wild heart. Wow. Yes. Mmmhm.

I love how clear my love is for Natalie. It’s such a zing. Such a yes. I’m so grateful that my teacher also feels like my bestie and her eyes twinkle and she’s an amazing dancer and poet and so clear and yummy and fun and zingy.

I love Becca. I love how excited I am to cuddlesnuggle her and hear her steady honest voice and feel her hands find the perfect spots to rub and watch her dance her wild, whole-body dance. I am so excited to fall into pits of laughter with Natalie and Becca, and have the steam of our happiness shoot us up out of the pits like geysers.

I love how steady Leaf is. I love that I deeply trust him. I love that he shows up again and again as an amazingly present, loving papa for Ruby. I love that he tells me he loves me a bajillion times a day. I love that he loves making up songs. I love that he loves laying Ruby in the dirt. I love his mystical eyes and how committed he is to his own growth. I love seeing him lay back in a room full of friends, his eyes closed and his face smiling, seeing the air around him sparkle with his radiant love.

I love celebrating. I love my heart. I love how meaningful it is to celebrate. I love that my celebration can ripple outwards everly. Oh yes. I love that the internet can allow people to tap into it so easily and on a really intimate level. Mmm yes.

I love writing mmm yes. I love that that is what I say when people are speaking the truth to me, and I radiate smiles and mmmm and yes at them.

I love that the book I was reading talked about being in such a steady place, not letting people throw you out, even if they insult you or anything. I would love to feel that way and radiate smiles and mmmmm and yes, finding my willingness in whatever anyone is saying. I love that my wings are growing and flapping and it’s like I’m shaking off the sticky wet stuff that is still on me after coming out of the cocoon. Unfurrrrl.

I love that this writing is legitimate…and listening to my spirit guide of a unicorn really helped me accept that and to bask in it: my happiness is something I should share as widely as I can. I love that my spirit guides love me so much, because they are also me, and I love me so much, and I love you so much!

I really do love you so much.

An awesome man just approached me in the library where I’m writing this, and on his hat is a pin, amidst other pins and patches and flags, that says “The light in me recognizes the light in you”. I love that I shared a farm resource, and he shared an island resource, and we parted with such love.



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