What am I driving towards?

I am driving towards next-level Hannah. Ninja-focus love-beacon Hannah. Hannah who has laser eyes that pierce into the heart of things and sees their bestest, juiciest selves and revels in laughter on the floor with them.

I am driving towards all-powerful Hannah. Hannah who easily orchestrates time chunks for deep flow and life-giving projects. And then doesn’t even have to orchestrate them because it’s so in-flow for them to simply be and keep coming, the momentum is there. Hannah who has thriving, luscious writing, sewing, painting, gorgeous focus playgrounds bursting with the juiciest fruits and dreams sprouting. It is spring and summer in all my playgrounds.

I am driving towards knowing-right-where-my-willingness-is Hannah. I give full presence to Ruby when that is my yes, which it perfectly-often is, and I give full presence to my body and whatever is around me that is ready to thrill and delight me. I am constantly feeling intimate with and making love with my environment. Soul gushing.

I am driving towards a Hannah-tat. A perfect private Hannah nook space where my beautiful dreams can flourish. I see ivy-flower trellises and sunlight and nakedness and sex on a carpet on a wooden floor with berry juice dripping from laughter-ecstasy curved faces. I see my teapot and my dresses and my gorgeous huge full-wall art project. I feel like it’s a dream board, dreaming into the heart of my desires, always expanding and ripening.

I am driving towards refreshment. Rejuvenation. Huge strength and expansive joy. I am driving towards clarity. Better-than-ever communication. My tongue is clean, dripping spring water, nourishing everyone lucky enough to hear my voice.

I am driving towards love. Deep, soul-partner, lifelong love. Feeling my highest vibration matched and activated and held and soaring together. Perfectly rounding out our familyness, everyone fitting together like puzzle pieces, making even more sense than before.

I am driving towards the Conscious Play Center. My heart wide and wild and a treehouse with a rope-bridge to Natalie’s Nat-a-tat. We are facilitators of play, dick-taters of play. hahaha. YES! We are inviting people deeper and bigger into joy and the whole universe is conspiring to be like Yes, YES, YES!!!! Coming together again and again and again.

I am driving towards my excitement. Exhilaration. Fun and miracles, surprises and truths. I am driving towards relaxation. Full, worthy inhales and effortless, cherished exhales. I am driving into rainbows, shooting stars, chamomile crowns, Ruby slippers. I am driving with all my spirit guides: the whale, the buffalo, the goose, the tiger, the crocodile, the bear, the cat, the hawk, the raven, the raccoon, the lizard, the elk, the elders, my grandmothers, my mother, Ruby’s infinite spirit, Leaf’s infinite spirit, Natalie’s clear eyes, Becca’s crystal wand waving me in. Mmmmm. Thank you for driving with me.

I am driving towards painting richer colors and combinations than ever before, ones that break people’s hearts open to make room for even-bigger hearts. I am driving towards surprise encounters, seeing my most-beautiful-self reflected in people I meet at gas stations, in canyons, along river beds. I am driving towards that space where the sun breaks through the clouds, this heaven-on-earth-ness. Yes yes yes.


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