spring gifts

the sun sings flow jamz back and forth in rays sweeping all around us. I’ve got a litany of jars and mugs offering every morsel I desire (smoothie, butter+coconut oil coffee, water, oats with hunny and hemp seeds), all standing in a line-up on my headboard as I relax into paisley pillows and sentimental quilts. Mmmm. Thank you for this perfect moment.seeds

I want to celebrate all the newness in this nowness. Jess has painted the kitchen with undulating pastel rainbows. We’ve seeded the hugels. Leaf and I have found our way into harmoniously sleeping separately, while easily sharing the night slumber with baby Ruby. Magick. I have also begun offering my services as a Love Tender to the world, where I have regular phone sessions with people helping them to focus in on the love and happiness already in their life.


I am so frickin proud of myself for offering this service. It truly is one of my superpowers to find my way into happiness, and I’m helped by all of these magickal tools I’ve learned from the Play Nexus: gridding, controlled splatting, focus wheels, ho’oponopono (I’m happy to describe any of these in more detail, just ask me if you’re curious). And moreso, I’ve learned more lifestyle philosophies. Like to only do what feels good. If it doesn’t feel good, to go general, get out of the details.

For example, I started out my idea of Love Tending thinking it would be a clearly paid-for service, where there’s an easy peezy agreed-upon money exchange going on. And as I gridded it, nothing more specific than “feeling valuable” felt good…it didn’t seem easy or inviting to pick a number for a price to ask for. So I stayed at that level: feeling valuable, helpful, abundant. Calling that in. Noticing how that is my truth already and my continuing reality.


I did a focus wheel on it, wanting to go deeper into feeling valued, abundant, letting it be easy. And as I filled in the wheel, I realized that the first person I’m love tending for loves me already so much and will give me whatever she can. And that I fully trust that this will be helpful and valued, and I don’t even need to ask for anything. It feels so good and right for it to be a gift in and of itself.

During our first session, I learned that this person is feeling particularly sensitive about finances, and it all clicked on an even clearer level. Of Course it didn’t feel right to come up with some paid arrangement from this mindset. We get to play together towards expanding the feelings of and focus on abundance and easy flowing generosity. And as we played, my feelings of being taken care of and being so abundant and magick expanded, as well! So, by the end of the call, when she was saying how valuable this has been for her and asking can she give me anything, it felt so natural to say it’s simply a gift, I already feel valued. And as I trust in feeling valued more and more, I’m sure the specifics of how I want that value to be expressed will appear effortlessly. Surprisingly. Huge and delicious, like a surprise birthday party at the end of the bestest feeling day. Mmm, like when my troupe of a tribe appeared the evening of Ruby’s birthday in our bedroom/birth lounge with a marvelously-flower-decorated chocolate cake, all singing so beautiful to this beacon of joy.


I know the universe is ever-showering me in gifts. I’m so grateful to be sharing what I have to offer as easily and well-nourished as the fruit trees.


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